Rent a nice caravan for the whole family

Are you curious about camping life? There’s a big difference between camping in a tent and a caravan.

Why not give a caravan a try and get an idea of what camping is like? It’s lovely just to pack up the car and head out, but still get the cosy experience of being in a caravan. Rent our lovely five-person caravan – whether it’s your first time camping in a caravan or you simply don’t have the opportunity to bring your own.

  • The caravans are insulated all year round
  • Outside high season, the caravans can be rented day-to-day and on weekends.
  • Caravans should be left in a clean condition at checkout.
  • There are no toilets & showers in the caravans
  • Awnings and garden furniture are included In high season, rentals are from Saturday to Saturday – but exemptions may be granted.
  • Max. number of people for whom there are beds TV rental option – DKK 200 per week