Birkevej 25 . DK-7500 Holstebro . +45 97 42 20 68 .
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Pleasant, idyllic campsite

DCU-Camping Mejdal is a pleasant, idyllic campsite next to Holstebro Vandkraftsø lake. The campsite is sheltered by surrounding trees and has good facilities, including a heated swimming pool, a bouncy cushion, moon-car tricycles, a playground with a trampoline, chalets, a campfire area and canoe rental.

The many features of Holstebro are close by and the countryside around the campsite abounds with possibilities for fishing, rambling and cycling. The campsite has activities for children and adults alike and the campsite management is always willing to help.

Welcome to DCU-Camping Mejdal

We will do everything to ensure that you have a lovely stay.

If something does not quite live up to your expectations, please come and tell us in the Information, so we can do something about it while you are here.

We look forward to welcome you to DCU-Camping Mejdal...

Have a great holiday!

Gerda & Bent

DCU-Camping Mejdal

Facts contains

DCU-Camping Mejdal

Birkevej 25
7500 Holstebro

+45 97 42 20 68

DCU-Camping Mejdal

Working time

Opening hours in the Information under FACTS

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