Planetvej 4 . DK-3100 Hornbæk . +45 49 70 02 23 .
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Modern family campsite in “St. Tropez” of Northern Sealand

Welcome to DCU-Camping Hornbæk - a wonderful family campsite, situated close to the city, only separated by the beautiful Hornbæk Plantation with a number of bicycle- and walking paths - and only 800 metres from the most amazing beaches with large sandy dunes.

The campsite provides both shady and open areas and is open all year round - however, in the winter we ask you to reserve in advance. The site gets a lot of visitors from Copenhagen and its environs, but is also a popular transit site for Swedish and Norwegian campers.

Good facilities

The modern sanitary building has underfloor heating and contains a comfortable kitchen and laundry. There are separate sections for men and women, and a family room, handicap room, a baby’s changing room with bathing facilities for the youngest guests.

The communal building with TV-room is at free disposal for all campers and can be used for dining and relaxing evenings, and the many activities for both children and adults, add – combined with the annual work weekend - to a nice feeling of togetherness and domestic comfort.

We have two playgrounds with swings, seesaws and climbing frames, and furthermore we have bouncy cushions, petanque and a playing field, not to mention the popular cable railway and climbing racks.

The bonfire area is close to the barbecue section, which is frequently used in connection with the many various arrangements during the year, and often used for making twist bread, popcorn and pancakes.

Welcome to DCU-Camping Hornbæk

We will do everything to ensure that you have a lovely stay.

If something does not quite live up to your expectations, please come and tell us in the Information, so we can do something about it while you are here.

We look forward to welcome you to DCU-Camping Hornbæk...

Have a great holiday!

Tina & Martin

DCU-Camping Hornbæk

Facts contains

DCU-Camping Hornbæk

Planetvej 4
3100 Hornbæk

+45 49 70 02 23

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