Spodsbjergvej 182 . DK-5900 Rudkøbing . +45 23 11 80 35 . billevaenge@dcu.dk
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Quiet, green campsite with

an idyllic lake

DCU-Camping Billevænge

Fine facilities for


Angling, beautiful beaches and

lovely countryside

DCU-Camping Billevænge Strand is a quiet, green campsite with an idyllic lake in the middle of the site. The service building includes family bathrooms, common kitchen and an attractive patio. Playground, ball field etc. Fine facilities for anglers. Log cabins for hire.

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DCU Deal 30 % discount

The DCU Deal offers the following benefits:

  • 30 % discount on prices per person all year round

  • Own children up to 12 years - free all year round

  • Own adolescents 12 to 17 years - discounted price

  • Dog - free

  • Free Wi-Fi

DCU Deal

Island holiday on Langeland

Angling, beautiful beaches and lovely countryside is in short what Langeland stands for. Wild horses, the market town of Rudkøbing or Tranekær Castle - whether you drive north or south on this wonderful island, unforgettable experiences are in store for you. Langeland Festival is the top event of the year. Museum of the Cold War, Langelandsfortet, is also worth a visit. Langeland, beaches, beech woods and Rudkøbing market town are awaiting you.

Quiet campsite with atmosphere

DCU-Camping Billevænge is a quiet camping site, which is beautifully located surrounded by forest and fields. Here you will always find shelter from the wind and it’s not far from the lovely sandy beach. In the middle of the camping site you will find an idyllic lake (surrounded by solid fencing for safety) where the frogs croak and the ducklings romp about with greenlegged moorhens.


DCU-Camping Billevænge Strand

Spodsbjergvej 182
5900 Rudkøbing

+45 23 11 80 35


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